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Welcome to the WikiMar!

Although some articles are written in English, most of them are written in Catalan.

Please, feel free to write in this Wiki even if it is not in catalan!

A free and automated translator for catalan can be found at GenCAT and also in Google Translator

The automated translation of this wiki can be found here:

Benvinguts la meua Wiki, la WikiMar!

En aquesta Wiki posaré ajudes i altres comentaris de tot tipus sobre el que hagi aprés, per tal de facilitar la cerca d'informació i aprenentatge a altres persones que com jo volen aprendre.

Us animo a que comenteu, editeu i afegiu tot el que creieu convenient o erroni!

Utilitats per la Wiki

Versió de la Wiki: Special:Version

Editar la barra lateral: MediaWiki:Sidebar

Canvis recents: Special:Recentchanges

Pàgines especials: Special:Specialpages

Crear una redirecció:

#REDIRECT [[Privat:ESA]]

Colors en codi font - Syntax Hightlight: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi



Convertir HTML a Wiki:


Per convertir i poder importar taules de Ms Excel o OpenOffice.org Calc:


Taula amb linees posar a la primera linia:

 {| class="wikitable" border="1"

Sobre Taules: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Table

Crear diagrames ASCII http://www.asciiflow.com/#Draw

Carta de referència: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Reference_card

Configuration files

  • Mediawiki:Sidebar: lists of links on sidebar (ie navigation)
  • Mediawiki:Toolbox: text for toolbox
  • MediaWiki:Search: text above search box
  • MediaWiki:Pagetitle: is $1 - {{SITENAME}} by default. If {{SITENAME}} is producing the wrong text for you, you need to set $wgSitename in your LocalSettings.php.
  • lastmod - edit MediaWiki:Lastmodified
  • viewcount - edit MediaWiki:Viewcount
  • numberofwatchingusers - edit MediaWiki:Number of watching users pageview. This only appears if you also add $wgPageShowWatchingUsers = true; to LocalSettings.php.
  • copyright - edit MediaWiki:Copyright. The parameter $1 on that page is replaced with a link to the details of copyright for your wiki. In LocalSettings.php $wgRightsText for the link text and set either $wgRightsPage or $wgRightsUrl with the location of a wiki page or external URL.
  • privacy - this is a link only. Edit MediaWiki:Privacy for the link text and MediaWiki:Privacypage for the wiki page to which to link.
  • about - this is a link only. Edit MediaWiki:Aboutsite for the link text and MediaWiki:Aboutpage for the wiki page to which to link.
  • disclaimer - this is a link only. Edit MediaWiki:Disclaimers for the link text and MediaWiki:Disclaimerpage for the wiki page to which to link.
  • tagline - not currently used in the footer
  • MediaWiki:Mainpage
  • MediaWiki:Sitenotice: This adds an extra text to all pages Its what wikipedia uses when there is a donation drive
  • Manual:Navigation bar
  • LocalSettings.php